HFSC percentages are not relative?

  • While trying to set up traffic shaping, I set up some nested queues (e.g. low prio traffic for downloads & p2p) and kept getting notices about sum of child queues being larger than the parent.
    After playing around with the ratios, it looks like I've been assuming that bandwidth percentages are relative to immediate parent -- but seems like they're relative to the root, instead?


    WAN                100Mbps
     > qInternet       100Mbps
       > qWhatever     80% (I expect this is 80Mbps internally)
       > qLow          20% (I expect this is 20Mbps internally)
         > qP2P 
         > qDownload

    Setting qP2P and qDownload to 50% causes an error (with really bad clarifying text, btw!), only adding up to 20% (e.g. 10% each) works.

    I haven't found this obviously documented anywhere so far..
    I have to say, this makes percentage settings a lot less useful than they could've been. For example, I wouldn't want to futz around with decimal %s since my LAN is 1Gbps and my qInternet is <5% of that.. not to mention that I'd have to keep recalculating everything from the link bandwidth..

    Edit: looks like it's a [not well-] known thing: https://forum.netgate.com/topic/71588/a-definitive-example-driven-hfsc-reference-thread/41

  • After playing around some more, looks like "Bandwidth" field uses parent-relative %, but " B/W share of a backlogged queue" (m2) uses absolute %. This makes a bit more sense now why both fields are provided -- but the UI is still atrocious.

    Correction: "Bandwidth" field allows me to add sum of %s which exceed the parent's %. I'm not certain they'll be applied as relative

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