pfsense First İnstallation

  • Hi All,

    I hope you are healty these days.
    I wanna ask little question please help me about this.
    I have ex2200 juniper switch and installed pfsense firewall on openserver.
    I have 1 vlan like "" and 1 wan interface.
    I can access from internet to wan ip adress but i cant manage my servers where connectted to switch.

    I used nat like "wan ip adress on virtual ip tab:3389 --- internal ip address:3389"
    Accept rule is written.

    on switch side i added static route like this "" ( is pfsense lan ip)
    on pfsense side my default route is my wan gateway.
    Have i missing something?
    Sorry for my english :)

  • İf anyone will help me i'll be appreciate.
    Thanks and Best Regards.

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