IPsec Passthrough

  • So I have a pfsense at work that I setup as the VPN server (L2TP/IPsec). All clients work fine remotely except my house. I have a pfsense at home as well. An appliance (SG-1100) simple 1 WAN and 1 LAN interface. I cannot connect to my work at all. I can use OpenVPN and it works from my house but IPsec it hanging.

    I am doing a tcpdump on the WAN and on the LAN and it seems that packets are going though. Whatever packet hits the WAN, I see it coming out of the LAN. I added all the recommended rules. Please see attached
    Screenshot from 2020-03-22 21-46-20.png

    Screenshot from 2020-03-22 21-48-38.png


    Screenshot from 2020-03-22 21-49-22.png

    Any suggestions welcomed.

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