Routing Disney+/Netflix Over Non-VPN Interface

  • I have multi wan setup and working with an OpenVPN tunnel too.

    At the moment I route all traffic over the VPN, however I live in Australia, and whilst I legitimately subscribe to the Disney+ service I currently cannot use it as the VPN IPs are blocked. Is there a way to leave all my streaming services working over my normal WAN and just use OpenVPN for all other traffic?

  • Not trivially. You can use the pfBlockerNG package to create an alias of Netflix-associated ASNs and then tie it to a firewall rule to pass traffic to that alias through the WAN instead of your VPN interface. I can say that, in the USA at least, the following has worked consistently for me. I forget why I have the Amazon stuff in there as well, you might try without it at first:

    Then I have a firewall rule on LAN:

    Obviously this doesn't cover all the steps; not sure if you're already familiar with the pfBlockerNG package, but there's good information on setting up IPv4 aliases with it in the forums too.

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