One IP address for 3 VLANs

  • Hello,

    on my pfSense I have 4 connected NIC´s.
    1: WAN
    2: LAN 1 (tagged VLAN 400,10)
    3: LAN 2 (tagged VLAN 200,300,400,10)
    4: LAN 3 (tagged VLAN 100,200,300,10)

    VLAN 400 for example is the network for teachers.
    DHCP Server vor VLAN 400 is active. (network

    But I need to set for each NIC an IP address.
    So I need on LAN1 an IP address and on LAN2 an IP address in the VLAN400.

    Is it possible that the pfSense has for VLAN400 just 1 IP address? And the other as well.

    Thank you!

  • @unique24 said in One IP address for 3 VLANs:

    n my pfSense I have 4 connected NIC´s.

    How you've split the vlan numbers across the LAN interfaces LAN 1 vlan 400 is a different broadcast domain than LAN 2 vlan 400 and would need a different IP address, same with the other VLANs.

    Maybe you need to look at LAGing the 3 LAN ports on pfSense and the switch they connect to.

  • @unique24

    You may want to read about VLANs. On pfSense, each VLAN is a separate interface, which can be configured for IP address, subnet mask, etc., just like any other. If you have them all on one physical interface, then you'd need a managed switch to separate them. This is standard stuff for VLANs.

  • Hello,

    I changed my network and have now just one NIC :-)

    Thank you all!

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