ACB (autoconfig backup) and router image files

  • Hello,

    So from my understanding, the ACB uses some kind of identifier to generate the ACB key for the router.

    If we wanted to keep a router image (like a VM, or an XML file) to deploy to multiple different routers for multiple different clients, how to we change the ACB key for each image we install?

    We have tried with a VM image in the lab and each one we spin up, has the same ACB key as its based off the image some how.

    Is there a script to run to generate a new key or some setting we can change to force a new key creation?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Like it says on the ACB configuration page, it is derived from the generated ssh key. The ssh key is generated uniquely for every installation.

    Probably uncheck ssh, rm /etc/ssh/*.key /etc/ssh/*.pub then re-enable ssh. A new key should be generated.

    Or just disable ssh and remove those files and use that as your snapshot. Then a new key will be generated when/if ssh is enabled.

    I didn't test any of this but that is the kind of thing I would expect to work for you.

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