• Hello,

    My IMspector work fine, but I don't have a success when I using the blacklists to block chat.

    Follow in attached screenshot of my configuration.

    Any idea about this problem?

    ![ - Services: IMSpector_1241814111627.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/ - Services: IMSpector_1241814111627.png)
    ![ - Services: IMSpector_1241814111627.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/ - Services: IMSpector_1241814111627.png_thumb)

  • You cannot block msn with imspector. Try Firewall>Rules>Lan
    Davao City

  • Hey Jigpe, Imspector block MSN chat, but not in Pfsense due to a failure. In earlier versions we used to block chat using Imspector many times.

  • riclnx hi thanks for the quick reply. i use pf1.2.2 and latest imspector.currently it works here except blocking the thing..but im willing to know how to block it.
    Davao City

  • No problem jigpe, but since the last actualization we cannot block msn with imspector too. Seems to me that this release have some issues. Hugs

  • riclnx hugs . Thanks. Do you know how to log gtalk,aim,icq?Kindly show me the way how to log gtalk,aim and icq? Thanks
    Davao City

  • Hi jigpe, unfortunately no  :'( But if I discover something I'll warn you.

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