IPSEC and Port Forwarding

  • Hi,
    I have a small issue I thought originally my IPSEC wouldn't work with my mobile phone, and I spent a few days on and off trying different settings.

    Let me give you a quick overview, this is for internal testing so it is a fresh install of 2.4.4 release P3, WAN IP is set to one from my local broadband router under DHCP, LAN is set to
    OpenVPN is set up and port forwarded from my router and this works absolutely fine through the pfsense install, I wanted to get IPSEC working, so I followed all of the online guides etc and eventually managed to get connected.
    The firewall(s) are set to allow everything IPV4 any to any and any protocol etc.

    Here is the thing, if I set my phone VPN to connect via WiFi to my WAN IP direct ( for example) it connects and works fine, if I set the phone to connect via my routers external IP (90.x.x.x for example) it says connecting, I can see the pfSense connection in the ipsec status screen then the thing just disconnects after a short period of time, ports 500 and 4500 UDP are forwarded to 0.80 on the broadband router, I can see the traffic coming in, but it fails for some reason.

    Has anyone else had this or can anyone else point me in the direction of how to get external connections to the IPSEC service? As I say internal IP is working fine, but something is happening when connecting externally I even tried setting DMZ to the 0.80 address on the router and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Any help appreciated.


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