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  • Hi,
    I have a Billion BiPAC 8800NL router connected to my broadband, the LAN side is network.

    I am setting up various services which I use the "Virtual Servers" under the Billion router and I am essentially port forwarding these services (OpenVPN etc) to my pfSense router (WAN also on the network), this works absolutely fine for OpenVPN.

    I also tried adding a IPSEC tunnel, which worked fine between the pfSense router and my phone on WiFi ( network), the issue is when trying to connect between the pfSense router and an external IP.

    I am suspecting the issue lies within the Billion translating my external IP into an internal NAT IP of the router and the IPSEC on pfSense seeing a difference between my external IP that the request came in and the internal NATed IP of the Billion's LAN address.

    So, going from (phone) - (pfSense router) the connection works fine, changing the phone to use my external broadband IP it doesn't work (on WiFi or phone network), I can see the packets coming in and a connection request within pfSense but it doesn't actually connect.

    Is this just a limitation of my old Billion router NATing instead of actually routing? I tried setting the DMZ to, but that made no difference.

    Does IPSEC on pfSense work behind another Router?
    My setup for visual representation is:
    [ADSL] -> [WAN Port (82.23.x.x)][Billion Router][LAN Port (] -> [WAN Port(][pfSense]

    OpenVPN works fine, but I am just trying to understand why IPSEC doesn't, are my suspicions correct, can I configure anything else to try and get it to work?

    Any help appreciated.


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