OPT interface WAP setup

  • Im  newbie to PF. Thought id try this one sense I never could get  xbox to work on smoothwall. I did with PF.

    So my question is  how is one  set up the OPT interface  , Im lil to use to the red and  purple, green  terms.
      My opt  i want to make it into a purple  for  my  linksys WAP  .

    My Lan interface  setup as  a
    and im wanting to do the opt/purple interface  as static for the Wap

  • Bridge allows you to link 2 interfaces, using the same IP range across them, but firewall them differently.  I doubt that's what you want.

  • I have the following setup:

    FW1  –-------- eth0-----\ (98.1)         98.2            /----192.168.98.x (DHCP) -- VLAN1 - Copper
             \                           ------(Windows 2003)-----
               ______opt1 -----/ (99.1)         99.2            ----192.168.99.x (DHCP) -- VLAN2 - (WAP)

    Linksys Wireless WAP - has a static address (
    FW1 - PF-Sense Firewall

    Now of course I run a small business in my home and need to seperate church and state so to speak.  I also run most of this on a XenServer Virtual Server.  So I got 5 NIC's in this one server and it does alot of internal routing and runs like a charm.  But in your case I think you can simplify your home network a little.

    Of course on top of all of this I have 8 IPSec tunnels and have just got moblie IPSec tunnels running as well.  I been running PF-Sense for quite some time.  I started with M0N0Wall and moved to PF-Sense for features and support.  It have been a incredible product and I can't wait for Release 2.

    If you really want to go with two subnets and no routing between subnets here is what I would do:

    FW1  ------- eth0----\ (10.1)   VLAN1 1-12 /----(DHCP provided by FW1) -- VLAN1 - Copper
             \                     ------(Nortel 450T)--
               ----opt1 ----/ (5.1)   VLAN2 13-24 ----(DHCP provided by FW1) -- VLAN2 - (WAP - 5.2)

    FW1 eth0-
    FW1 opt1-

    This is just a suggestion.  I got a spare 450T and if you live state side you can have it I set it up and all you have to do is pay for shipping.  Just let me know by email (wcarterjr@embarqmail.com)

    Hope this helps what your are trying to do.   
    Ron Carter

  • That helped :)

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