How to install 2.0 Alpha on 8GB CF for Alix (NOT embedded)

  • I have an Alix board and a few 8GB CF cards. I would like to install PFsense 2.0 on it but am not sure how, I can't find docs anywhere. I have no interest in the embedded version as I have no CF cards that small/old nor do I want a stripped down version to support these obsolete card sizes. I downloaded pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090507-0755.img.gz
    I run Linux and Solaris, Windows utilities are only useful if they run under wine.

    Michael Bushey

  • I assume you've taken note of the ALPHA tag and searched the forum about a full install on CF (as it has been discussed a very many times)?

    Also, does your Alix board have VGA?  I'm pretty sure it's needed for the full version.

  • Ok, I just dumped the image to the CF card. The partitioning seems really jacked up, but it's booting on the ALIX board. No VGA, I'm using a 9600baud serial connection.

  • Wonderful.. I have a 8GB CF card with a 39MB and 15MB partition. Any easy way to combine these partitions and resize it to 8GB?

  • I was able to log into the web interface once, but I can't any more since I rebooted it. At the serial console I enter 11 and it shows:

    Restarting webConfigurator… done.

    *** Welcome to pfSense 2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-embedded on pfSense ***

    WAN(wan)                  -> vr1        ->

    1. no longer works (https does not work either)

    2. I installed pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090507-0755.img Where did the embedded come from??? I don't want a stripped down version so to fit on last decades [no long manufactured] cards. If that's what wanted I'd stick with M0n0wall.

  • Unless you've added a rule I would expect that you couldn't connect on the WAN interface.

    As for the embedded, the .img files are for embedded installs, the ISOs for full installs.  If you want to do a full install you have to use the ISO.  This is documented, for example here.

  • Thank you for the clarification. I'll install to the CF from a Live CD. Are there any docs on using a ram drive for /tmp and /var/log ? It would be cool to only flush /var/log to disk every hour or so.


  • Do take the time to read and search the forum.  There are many discussions on mounting other filesystems, and the use of CF for full installs.  After that it's all just FreeBSD and they publish all their man pages and the handbook on the FreeBSD website.

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