XG-7100 1U - How do you configure interface speed/duplex for LACP members?

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to setup a Netgate XG-7100 1U with a new fiber connection (Google Cloud Interconnect).

    I'm using port ix1 on the device.

    I've inserted my optic (Intel dual-rate 1Gb/10Gb, which I know is compatible).

    If I configure the ix1 interface directly, I have the option to specify the interface speed:

    alt text

    However, for this provider I need to setup a 1-port LACP. So I deleted the ix1 interface, created a new LAGG (using LACP) with just the ix1 interface as the only member.

    Now, however, when I go to configure that interface, there is option to specify the interface speed/duplex settings:

    alt text

    Is this a bug, or is there another way to specify the interface speed/settings for LACP members?


  • Netgate Administrator

    There is no straight forward way to do this for the reasons you found. There is an open feature request for it:

    You can apply those settings to the lagg member interfaces using ifconfig at the command line. Thus you can also apply them at every boot using a shellcmd if that is required in your setup.


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