New setup - starting over

  • I was having issues with my previous setup (timeouts due to a bad router) so I am starting over. I set up the following configuration, but could not get portions working. So, I am going to install a fresh version of 1.2.3 on my box. However, before I started, I wanted to see what the best configuration would be. I've read over the forums, the wiki, and how-to's, but I am missing something.


    • pfSense router with 3 NIC interfaces running 1.2.3

    • DD-WRT (Netgear Wireless N Gigabit) router

    Desired Setup

    Modem (IP -> pfSense ( -> LAN1 -> unmanaged switch -> webserver
                                                                        -> LAN2 -> DD-WRT router ( -> home computers

    When I set this up, the wireless portion of the DD-WRT router would not work, but a wired connection (via one of the 4 ports) would. The only thing I could point to as a potential problem (which came to me last night) was that the wireless has a separate MAC address, and perhaps some bridging is required there. I understand this is the pfSense forum and not the DD-WRT forum, but any help would be appreciated before I start again. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi. Check the configuration of your router netgear first.

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