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  • Okay, new to pfsense, but I used monowall for the past 2yr.  About a year ago, we upgraded our AT&T adsl connection to multiple static ips.  The connection is pppoe and is handled by pfsense (modem set in ethernet bridge).  Routing and NAT and such are fine - the problem I'm having is to use the built-in VPN functions of pfsense, I need to assign one of my static addresses to the wan interface -

    "AT&T can only provision FastAccess Business subscribers with Multiple Static IP Addresses for their use when they authenticate onto the AT&T Network. AT&T uses a unique method of address assignment in its implementation of Multiple Static IP Addresses. What that means is that what ever device performs the PPPoE authentication will get a Dynamic IP address assigned to its WAN (Wide Area Network) interface. The routing table, which tells routers how to get from one IP address to another, is then updated at that time to show that the Dynamic WAN address routes to their static range or Subnet. Ordinarily, the device that does the authentication will be our Netopia router. AT&T does not provide a Static WAN address with Multi Static IP, only Dynamic. Simply put, when you connect to the AT&T network you will get a Dynamic WAN address."

    So, I posted this question about a year ago on the monowall forum, nobody with any knowledge had any useful suggestions.  Last week, I scrapped monowall and started fresh with PfSense ( I really like the extra features ). Could someone please help me with such a menial task?  Thanks for your help.

  • I assume you've tried simply assigning one of the static IPs and it didn't work?

  • Yes, I've tried every thing I could find online and in the docs (both pfsense & monowall).  For a while, I used a dynamic dns service to track my wan dynamic ip - but the owner of the company doesn't understand why we pay for several domains and he has to use to vpn (instead of our domains).

  • You could use DynDNS's Custom DNS service, which allows you to dynamically update hostnames in domains you own.

    Now, I think your issue is more to do with Virtual IPs than multi-wan.  Have you read the VIP documentation?  Can you provide technical details of what you've tried and what doesn't work?  Nothing you've posted so far contains anything technical ;)

  • Okay -
    I have 5 usable public ips (  All are entered in the VIP tab.  In the VPN tab (PPTP) there is not a place to bind the service to one of my ips.  I guess that is my question - can I bind pfsense wan interface to "listen" on my assigned dynamic and one of my public ips (vip)?  By the way, thanks for taking the time to help me.  What other technical details do you need?

  • I've never used PPTP so can't be sure, but I doubt you need to bind a particular IP to the service.  I'd suggest that you split your problem into 2 parts:

    1. Getting PPTP working with the dynamic IP - it sounds like you've sorted that.

    2. Getting the VIPs working.  You'll probably want to post in the VIP forum to get that one sorted - I've never used it so can't provide any detailed help.

  • Thanks again - will relocate to vip forum.

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