• Hello,

    Just curious if I should be relying on the CPU Usage on the dashboard or under Monitoring > System > Processor instead? Seeing consistently 10% CPU usage on the Dashboard however the monitoring page should never little usage, even looking at 1HR time period.

    Using the SG-3100 appliance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    When you look at the monitoring graphs you will probably want to turn off the 'processes' line since that value is usually far higher swamping the other data.
    Then know that it is shown is utilisation number not percentage CPU used like the dashboard. So on the SG-3100, that has 2 CPU cores, a value of 2 would be 100% but it can be higher than that as it shows the CPU loading by demand. So you might see:


    To see actual CPU usage across the cores including what is using it check Diag > System Activity.


  • Here's what I'm seeing. Custom view from 12PM - 5PM today. Processes has been removed from the graph.

    What I'm seeing here is not just barely 5% CPU?