XG-7100 Setting MAC address on WAN (LAGG0.4090)

  • Not experienced in VLANs and already stuffed it once (factory reset).

    What are the basic steps for spoofing the MAC address?

    It's saying "The MAC address of a VLAN interface must be set on its parent interface".


  • Netgate Administrator

    On the XG-7100, or any VLAN over LAGG setup like that, the MAC address is inherited from the first interface of the lagg.
    Do you need to spoof a particular address or are you trying to get multiple MACs ?


  • Hi Steve

    Thanks for the reply.

    Just the one,

    However, it turns out I just connected it to the upstream ISP router and it registered the XG-7100 mac automatically. So I'm all good.

    Time to read up on VLANs/LAGGs.


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