• https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/6549

    Previous unifi gateway / pihole user who has recently switched over to pfSense and really miss the stats dashboard but love the added protection from pfBlockerNG and wondering if anyone has successfully been able to setup a dashboard like above using pfSense.

    I have Grafana and ElasticSearch running but having some issues with some of the unbound specific settings and scripts mentioned in the implementation link above and was wondering if anyone has ever tried implementing this and if they had some guidance on what is specifically different between pfSense and the FreeBSD information posted above.

    Really looking forward to the stats on domains hit, most used clients, as well as the cache hit stats in a dashboard type view.

    thanks in advance for helping out a noobie like myself :)

  • Head on over to the telegraf package forum, there's a good thread there on just this subject.

  • thanks @jlw52761 that is a great dashboard, and so much easier than what I was trying to do with the above.