• I followed Youtuber Lawrence Systems's guide all the way till creating a Wide Open Rule on the OPT1 interface, and everything seemed good to go I can see its traffic chart). However, when I try to get my Linksys Velop to install using this port, it keeps claiming there is no Internet. However, I was able to install it on the LAN port during my initial trouble-shooting before I reset the PFSense machine to do the final setup.

    I have designated LAN and OPT 1 two different address, enabled DHCP server on OPT1, and added 'Any' Firewall rule to OPT1.

    Can someone please tell what am I missing since this is a router and not just a computer?

    My Setup
    PFSense --> Lan My Main Computer
    PFSense--> OPT1 My router which will be handling the Wifi.

  • If it helps diagnose anything. I tried a wired connection with another computer to this port, and it's also reporting no internet access. :(

  • Is the Linksys in "Bridge or AP mode"?


  • @chpalmer It will not let me change it till Installed. I will double-check it again and update if I am able to do so.

  • Sorry, I'm a complete noob. Where can I find the subnets?

  • What is your-

    WAN address? If this is a public address then state that. But if it is in the 192.168 range print it.

    Lan address ?

    OPT1 address?

  • @chpalmer issue seems to have resolved itself after I reset PFSense to factory default, followed the setup, and connected a computer to OPT1 first. After I did all that and connected the router, it picked up the connection.

    Wan is public
    Lan is
    Opt1 is

    Thanks for the replies in any case.

  • :)