32/ and /30 problem with ISP assigned subnets

  • Hi Forum,

    I'm having a hard time with some IP assigned by my ISP, and I'm hoping someone can advise. My ISP have issued the following subnets to me (obfuscated). . . (listed as 'WAN' IP) (listed as 'LAN' IP but is actually public subnet)

    Now, the ISP is in Thailand. While I can get by in Thai, any hope of talking to support regarding this is effectively nil. There is nothing on the document that explains how we are expected to use these subnets. The package was advertised as a '4 IP' business package.

    I've added the /32 as the PPPoE WAN and that works fine. What I need to do with the /30 subnet is direct it to a Webmin server behind pfSense but I'm getting into a terrible mess. I've tried 1:1 NAT with the Webmin server on a DMZ interface I set up LAN side ( It partially works but there seem to be routing and broadcast problems.

    Does anyone here have experience with this method of issuing subnets from an ISP and how I might make this work properly. I'd sure appreciate some thoughts.

  • Just to add to the above, if I add the 4 IPs as a /30 subnet as VIPs in 'Other' mode, I am able to ping them all from the internet, so they all appears to route to the /32 of the PPPoE

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