I need to know how to fully utilize my two WANs for torrent

  • I just ported from Zeroshell to pfsense as the former has an incredibly poor community support. I have 1 LAN and 3 USB 4G devices (15 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 10 Mbps; nothing else available where I stay). I have configured the 3 devices for load balancing, added weights to each one, and set up the rule in the firewall, and the load balancing is working fine. However, when I download torrents, the load balancing only uses one of the WANs, but I want all of the bandwidth to be fully utilized. In Zeroshell, this was quite easy and it would max out all the connections or based on the weights, in whatever way I configured it.
    Most of the posts here are about limiting torrent downloads to 1 WAN but that is not what I want. Any help with traffic shaping rules or the like that will get the job done?

  • Sorted out. I think I got my LAN rules wrong.

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