Loss of Display After Unplugging Monitor

  • Hey guys, quick question. I have my pfs running on an HP T730 thin client, it uses the display port interface to connect to a monitor. But if I remove or unplug the monitor, it never comes back on when plugged back in unless I reboot the system.

    Pfs v2.4.4-RELEASE-p3
    video graphics AMD Radeon(tm) R7 Graphics

    Any ideas? Can the display port be reset/restarted without rebooting the system?

  • @BlankSpace If you unplug the monitor the first time and noticed that you cannot plug it back without rebooting pfSense, why you keep doing it? Your issue is hardware related, and not pfSense...it will be difficult for anyone to give you an answer.

  • I don't keep doing it, I just got everything setup/placed physically where I need it to be and didn't want to reboot the system. I thought maybe there is a process/daemon that can be bounced and to see if it comes back up.

  • @BlankSpace No...your built-in graphic card maybe going out but again that's not a pfSense issue.