Assign vip to pfsense wan interface…

  • Here's why I ask - I have an AT&T adsl connection with multiple static ip's.  AT&T provisions me a /29 network, which I have entered all addresses into the vip tab.  I use nat with my vip and forward to respective servers, etc.  All that is and has been working fine forever.  The problem I have is with AT&T's method of allocating ip's - when I establish my wan connection (pppoe), the wan is assigned a dynamic address and AT&T routes my statics.  I would like to assign (or whatever I need to do) one of my vips to the wan interface so that I can use pfsense's built-in vpn functions (pptp).  As it is now, before I leave work, I have to check and see what (dynamic) address my wan interface has so that I can vpn to it from outside. Well, I'll leave the rest to you pfsense gurus - thanks.

  • As I understand you already have VIPs on WAN. Choose one you want to use for PPTP and create two rules on WAN interface:
    allow proto gre from any to this VIP
    allow proto tcp port 1723 from any to this VIP

    Probably it will work…

  • Thank You - will tryout over the long weekend and let you know.

  • Just a thought.  You could try dyndns and vpn to a domain name instead of having to look up the address.

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