Voice over IP not working after Pfsense reboot

  • I'm using a Fritzbox as PBX behinde my pfsense. I added the necessary NAT rules and every thing works fine until I reboot my pfsense.

    After the reboot I can't make any calls. The fritzbox logs 403 not registered on every call. If I manually reboot the fritzbox every thing works again. Any ideas?

  • I found it out. The Fritzbox has a hard-coded SIP TTL of 1h. This means: It takes one hour to re-register after a reconnect.

    I dumped the fritzbox and switched to asterisk.

  • Well.. that's good to know! There have been a few come by with Fritzbox issues that I wonder if this wasn't their issue..

    Glad ya got it working.

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