IPsec tunnel(s) to 1 host with no network behind it.

  • So I have a home network (multiple vlans, many hosts (30-40 machines at home).

    I have multiple VPS in the cloud also (all single hosts with no network between them).

    I'm wanting to establish some tunnels to each of them.


    Seems to be the most popular options.

    The one question I have and it's mostly related to ipsec is, since it's a singular host how would you design it? A lot of the doumentation I'm finding discus network ranges behind each side, bet extending out to a single host seems to be secret squirrel voodoo.

    I know i can easily do it with openvpn/tinc but I'm exploring the ipsec route just to get more knowledge of it.

    I've been told to help simply things L = local R = remote (to keep the left right side straight.

    The one thing I'm a bit lost on is in a lot of example they as I said abofve route full networks, but when doing a single host I'm not sure what the L/R would be for that.