MultiWan issues - If I disconect the Tier 1 connection it all goes down (Disconnecting Tier 2 is fine)

  • Hi All,

    I have an issue with 2.4.5 where when I use Multi-Wan (I have a 5G connection that is there as a failover, its not always atttached but the fiber connection can be flakey so I keep it ready for action when I need it. All grouped together in a grouping called MultiWan. Strangely enough.


    WAN = Tier 1 (in the gateway group)
    WAN2 = Tier 2

    WAN = Fiber
    EXPRESSVPN = VPN that lives on top of the MultiWan
    WAN2 = 5G Phone

    The Issue.PNG image url)

    Now if I disconnect WAN2, then it disappears from the gateways. VPN Stays up.

    If I disconnect WAN however, ALL connections go down. (including WAN2?!)

    If I check the interfaces however, these work normally ie. I unplug one there and it goes down, unplug the other and that goes down. The connections come into the Pfsense box on entirely separate links.

    So there's something in the configuation of the gateway grouping I have done wrong - can anyone help?


  • Do you have the second GW specified in the IP setup of the mackine?? Like using metrics?