SquidGurad Backup

  • So I have 2 pfSense boxes running and using CARP for failover, everything works great. Now my issue is, I am running squidGuard and have set up custom white and black lists. Does anyone know how to sync my squidGurad lists from one pfsense to another? I have installed the backup package, and set paths to backup the whitelist, blacklist and the squidguard_conf.xml, but I can not restore it to the other box. The files get updated, but they do not show in the squidGuard web interface.

    Any thoughts?

  • You custom rules at the /config/config.xml (pfSense config file)

  • OK I have tried that and no difference. I am backing up the '/conf/config.xml', '/usr/local/etc/squidGuard/squidguard_conf.xml", "/var/db/squidGurad/blacklist', and '/var/db/squidGuard/whitelist'
    When I do the backup and save the file, I can extract it and see all files and directories. I can then upload to my second pfSense server, restore, and see the files are updated, but never see the blacklist contents in Destinations, under SquidGuard in the web GUI. I have even tried a restart of the server. Any other thoughts

  • Any one have any information on this. I have tried a couple more tests with no luck. When ever I restore the squidguard_conf.xml, MY blacklist/domains files and restart the service, the files are over writen when it reconfigures. I did notice that when you add to the destinations, it does not update any of these files. Could someone point me in the direction of what files hold the domail list for custome black and white lists.


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