Problems accessing LAN Interface from WAN Interface. Internet connection via DHCP or PPPoE ? And what are the advantages of each method ?

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    I recently bought an SG-3100 which came preinstalled with pfsense 2.4.4 p3. The only router I had on my VDSL Line before pfsense is a FritzBox 7590. The FritzBox is an amazing router with immense capabilities and crazy stability for the price. The main reason I bought SG-3100 is because I want to expand my network and create more subnets mainly for security reasons (IoT Devices, etc.) and probably VLANS or openVPN in the future. Initially I connected the WAN port of my pfsense to a LAN port on my FritzBox. The FritzBox lies on network. My pfsense got a LAN IP of (My DHCP server on the fritz is To I fixed the IP address of pfsense via DHCP binding by MAC address so everytime my pfsense reboots or the power goes down it gets the same IP . The method I chose for internet connection is WAN DHCP so pfsense uses IP address as GATEWAY. I created subnet inside pfsense. I could not connect,ping etc between 2 subnets. I went to pfsense-firewall-outbound NAT and changed the mode to hybrid. Also I added a rule to NOT DO NAT from To I also went to Firewall-Rules-WAN and allowed traffic from to After these steps I have full communication between and from a PC connected via Ethernet on pfsense on network to any PC connected to the Fritzbox on network. BUT my main problem is that NO PC can connect or ping or whatever from TO MY network. As a result I cant even configure my pfsense(when I am on the fritzbox side) which is on subnet. I dont want to put fritzbox into bridge mode and use pfsense as the only router because I lose the amazing telephony features that fritzbox provides and many other features that only fritzbox provides. What I want to do is bridge the 2 subnets so that I can connect from to and ALSO from to The other problem I am facing right now is that when I connect to a PC via Screen Sharing which resides on network FROM a PC which resides on the network, the IP that the PC reports that is connected and controls the screen is which is the gateway of pfsense. I dont want this behaviour. I want it to show the IP of (Which is the IP of the PC I am controlling the screen on the other subnet). Is configuring internet via a second PPPoE Call to my provider via pfsense and then create a STATIC ROUTE between the Fritzbox AND the pfsense LAN the solution here ? Please feel free to correct me where I am wrong and if u can provide what you think is the best setup for my needs. Thank You, In advance.

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    You use DHCP or PPPoE according to what your ISP provides. It's not your choice. If you're on a cable modem, as I am, you use DHCP. If on xDSL, then PPPoe is normally used.

  • My ISP uses PPPoE so the Fritz is connected via PPPoE. Is it better to connect pfsense to my fritz via PPPoE by making a new call to my ISP also ? I understand that by doing that it will create a second public IP. Because with only 1 public IP I get the problems I mentioned above. Is there an easy way to bridge 2 public IP's ? One from fritz and one from pfsense ? Also can this solution cause any network lag between lan clients connecting from one subnet to the other ? Thanks

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    With your big text block I don't even get how your stuff is connected.
    Better make a small drawing.

    Some pretty much default pfSense WAN/LAN/DMZ setup looks like

          WAN / Internet
                : DialUp-/PPPoE-/Cable-/whatever-Provider
          |  Gateway  |  (or Router, CableModem, whatever)
            WAN | IP or Protocol
          .-----+-----.  priv. DMZ  .------------.
          |  pfSense  +-------------+ DMZ-Server |
          '-----+-----' '------------'
            LAN |
          | LAN-Switch |
        ...-----+------... (Clients/Servers)

    Feel free to use this diagram and show us what you have done there. ☺


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  • @Rico final.jpg Basically the main question is: Can I bridge WAN with LAN ? I am aware that the simplest setup would be to just put fritzbox to bridge mode and then configure all my network needs to pfsense which is way simpler. I already tried to move every device on my network onto pfsense and I bridged LAN 1 and LAN 2 via pfsense interface and after configuring firewall I could connect BOTH from To AND from To without issues. The thing is that if I do that I cant use any of the fritzbox features. I do not know how I can bridge fritzbox with pfsense and communicate between 2 subnets. It is clear now ? Thanks in advance Rico !

  • @JKnott

    Is Fritz even capable of providing PPPoE? As I mentioned, that's for DSL connections. Also, logically, PPPoE is just PPP over Ethernet, rather than a serial port, as we used to use back in the dark ages, with dial up modems.

  • @JKnott Of course it is ! One of the greatest advantages of this router is that it includes a 35db modem. So I am using this to create a PPPoE connection and thats how I am connecting to internet. With Fritz you do not EVEN need your ISP's router. All can be done from there.

  • @g_trooper

    In trying to understand what you wrote, I somehow got the impression you were talking about a PPPoE connection between pfSense and Fritz.

    As someone else mentioned, a diagram would have helped, rather than trying to sort through that big block of text you posted.

  • @JKnott I did not create a diagram because I thought that what I was trying to achieve is simple… I thought that because I already know how to solve every problem I have IF I configure everything on pfsense. But the real issue here is that I wanna be able to use some amazing fritzbox features. A friend of mine proposed that I could just create a static route between fritzbox ( and pfsense ( but I am well aware of assymetrical routing… Can someone explain to me what is a real life problem that you could face when using assymetrical routing ?

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