DNS not working for Ipsec clients

  • Hi All, I managed to brick our old netgate sg-2440 by enabling SNMP in services (????) any way we purchased a new sg-3500 and have spent most of the day and night getting up to some sort of standard. I have my mobile ipsec vpn and working with a small exeception... DNS

    So if i connect my PC at home using the ipsec vpn even though I've specified DNS settings on the ipsec client and on the mobile clients tab on the pfsense, it's not possible to resolve the names of my servers or pc's at work. I can connect just fine by IP address. Clearly I'm missing something obvious but I'm still learning Pfsense & Netgate so I'd be grateful for some pointers.

    I enabled the DNS resolver service (I figured that should do something) but it seems not. I would also point to the fact that if I go to diagnostics and DNS lookup on the pfsense I can't resolve any names there either... which I think is a bit suspicious.

    Any help gratefully recieved.


  • @cre8toruk Duh.. added UDP any any on the ipsec interface and voila ! Schoolboy error there ! :-)

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