Getting very low speed from pfsense

  • well, i am new in pfsense, i am using from last few month, i am using core i5, 4th genaration and 4 gb ram, 500 HD.
    Also i am using 500 mbps unlimited isp connection, using captive portal voucher 300 already connected, but in traffic graph i am getting only 15 mbps highest, is there anything i did wrong to configure? am using 2.4.3 (64)
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  • Netgate Administrator

    You are seeing 15Mbps total across 300 clients? That must be fun!

    Throttling that extreme you should look for link speed/duplex mismatches. Check Status > Interfaces. Make sure WAN and LAN are linked at 1Gbps auto-select and do not show any errors/collisions.

    You should upgrade to a current version, 2.4.3 is old. It's a fairly big step though so be prepared if it doesn't go as smoothly as you might hope.


  • @stephenw10 Thank you so much, here is my Detail of status > interface . is there fine everything?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I mean you have some input errors on LAN but insignificant compared to to total packets.

    PPPoE does not show the link speed, you would need to check the modem for that if you can.

    I'm surprised to see >10TB of data through it if it's limited to 15Mbps. Is this new behaviour? Were you seeing the full throughput previously?


  • Have you tried an actual speed test on a local machine?

    See if you get better results.

    I would also ask if your graphs are set for "bits" or "bytes"?

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