Need help setting up Guest VLAN

  • Hi,

    I'm hoping you guys can help me. I am trying to setup a WiFi network which has no access to any of my other LAN devices. I just want the network to only be able to get out to the internet and not even communicate with anything else.

    I have followed a YouTube video on how to do this here:

    Youtube Video

    I have a Ubiquiti UAP Access point and PfSense installed. I also have a Managed switch which I have assigned the correct ports and VLANs to (I believe). My normal LAN network has a DHCP server running on a Windows Server 2012 OS. However, I want my Guest VLAN Network to use the DHCP on the PfSense router.

    Currently I have it all setup like in the video but when connecting to the guest WiFi network or plugging into a port on the switch which is Untagged on VLAN 80, I don't receive an IP address despite the DHCP running on the right interface on PfSense. Also when setting the Static IP I don't have any internet access.

    I am happy to provide any logs/screenshots you require as long as you tell me where I need to navigate to to get them.

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit; The switch I am using is a ZyXel GS1900-24E

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