PFSense server blocking ProxMox server

  • Hello pfsense operators!

    I recently switched from using ClearOS as it does not support both of my quad port ethernet cards.

    I currently have an 1u Dell powerdge R320 - PFSense - (dual onboard Ethernet + 4 Port PCI Express Ethernet card)
    and 1 2u Dell Poweredge R520 - Proxmox server - (dual onboard Ethernet + 4 Port PCI Express Ethernet card)

    I recently configured LAGG with LACP from PFSense to my hp procurve 2510 switch and it works like a charm!

    My issue is getting the VM's inside proxmox to have access to the internet connection.
    My structure for proxmox is having 6 dedicated 1gb ethernet lines. 1 for web console access, the other 5 (1 for each vm)
    I am able to access the web interface of proxmox by its static ip.

    Originally, i had proxmox server connected with clearOS as my default router+firewall and all my vms worked right out of the box.

    Since i created the LAGG connection and have PFSense i no longer gain web access or responses by pinging inside the VM's.
    i have connected a laptop through the hp procurve switch to use and test the lag by surfing the web. etc. (using it right now as i write this message) with no issues.

    I have done some research and found that Disable hardware checksum offload setting under
    System > Advanced > Networking
    would be the fix for this issue. Though it has not fixed my issue.

    Has anyone experienced this before?
    Is there other settings that i am missing?
    What are the odds that its pfsense is blocking the VM's access through the network?

    Thank you for your help!

  • Provide a network map of your setup and give more details about the pfSense interface settings and rule.

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