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  • Hi, I am new to PFSense, I did some things with m0n0, but nothing complicated.
    Get to this soft, when I wanted to make.
    We come together as a comment and I hope that I can advise, maybe what I'm wanting to do it differently.
    The issues I'm facing is that I have to put 50 PCs in a 1 MB ADSL service, such as low bandwidth, they thought of hiring 3 services 1 MB.
    We need to know to do and I am lost.
    I thought of it this (that do not get it to work), but maybe it is much simpler:

    WAN 1–--  \                                                /---- LAN 1 (Ex:
    WAN 2 -----[[ Swich (4 Port )]]–---[ PFSense ]–-- LAN 2 (Ex:
    WAN 3 ----/                                                ---- LAN3 (Ex:

    Thus, the individual is a gateway configured differently, but it does not work. It is clear that the gateway is one (of the wan pf), and then static route is not me, by the amount of public IP would be placed.

    So I was reading to balance load but I do not understand very well how to use. I serve? how can I use in my case.

    Should be clear that in this case, something like the diagram.
    WAN 1 ----
    WAN 2 -----[ PFSense ]–--LAN
    WAN 3 ----/

    Sorry, for my english, I From Argentina.

    Thank You Very Much.


  • The second scheme you show is the right way to do-what you want to do-so do it that way.

    You need 4 NIC's on your pfSense box, 3 for WAN 1 for LAN.

    WAN1|–->|NIC1[  your  ]
    WAN2|–->|NIC2[ pfSense |NIC4]–-->Lan
    WAN3|--->|NIC3[  box    ]

    I hope that the drawing is understandable for you :)

  • Perfect, I can use this schema and I have 4 NIC's, but, I don't know, what is the rules that I must create, for Load balance.



  • hello? I need help please!!!

  • Read the FAQ and the documentation?

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    Read the FAQ and the documentation?


    i read FAQ and documentation, my loadbalance is work fine, but i have 2 links

    4mb adsl –- Wan |            |
    4mb adsl --- Opt1| PfSense | ---- lan
    1mb Cable -- Opt2L            |

    but in tests i got only 6mb of total download...

    maybe i do somenthing wrong, can u help me?

    ex. of my config:
    LoadBalance  gateway            wan                    201.24.176.x
                            (balance)           opt1          
                                      op2                    189.72.169.x

  • Read the FAQ and documentation again.

    The loadbalancer in pfSense balances the connections.
    It doesnt actually sum up the bandwidth you have.
    If you want to see the full bandwidth of all links together, get a download manager which is capable of creating multiple connections for the same file you download.

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