What is wrong with my limiters

  • Hy guys, i need help. I offer wireless internet service to clients in rural clients in Kenya,Africa.This is now my second year using pfsense as my main firewall router which runs of a Hp desktop where i installed 2 more Nic adapters to have a total of 3, one onboard nic and two added nics. For the two years i have been using pfsense, i have not had any big problem with the firewall except the issue with limiters.About 8 months back i posted on the issue in the community forum but i still find the problem persisting. So i have this setup where i have two types of clients, 1. Are limited to a bandwidth of 5Mbps 2. Are not limited. There are about 25 clients in the 5mbps Alias but the issue is that not all of them get the 5 Mbps speed even with a speedtest others get 1Mbps. For the record i have about 150Mbps backhaul, so it is supposed to be sufficient. What might be the problem.I set the limiter as follows: Bandwidth 5600kbps, Mask-Source Address, 32{ipv4}, 128{ipv6}. Queue Management Algorithm=Tail Drop, Scheduler=Worst case Weighted fair Queueing. Kindly help

  • Can you make some screenshots of how your rule and limiter settings for the 5 Mbps clients looks like?

  • How does the rule look like?

  • That looks fine, what hardware are you running Pfsense on?
    Are you sure that Pfsense is the culprit and not some hardware elsewhere or user error?

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