Help guys - can't get squid working externally

  • I downloaded 1.2.2 pfsense last night and also installed squid through the packages.
    I have enabled squid on WAN (tried LAN as well :/),allowed users on interface and use port 3128.
    I have added a couple of IPs for unrestricted use (including my external ip) under Access Control and added a local user as well.

    I can access the proxy internally but from outside I can't..

    I have tried adding a portforward from ext 3128 to int 3128
    I have tried transparent proxy and trying port 80 that didn't work.  I tried adding a portforward for 80 -> 3128 and that didn't work.

    Nothing seems to make it work externally.  I can use RDP remotely (added the port forward) so I know I have done at least one thing right.. :(

    What can I do? Any help be appreciated.

  • This was solved earlier. Try re-install the squid.
    Davao City

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