Missing DHCP-Server Settings Tab

  • Hello
    I recently had to re-add all my interfaces because i changed the device-type driver from Realtek to E1000
    in pfSense, i am now missing all the DHCP-Server tabs, except the WAN-Tab.
    As you can see, the LAN and LAN_2 interfaces have valid settings (static ip and enabled)
    The DHCP-Server is running on LAN-Interface, although i cannot see any config in pfsense for that dhcp-server.
    Screenshot_20200413_114116.png Screenshot_20200413_114123.png Screenshot_20200413_114133.png Screenshot_20200413_114138.png

  • Hi,

    You told DHCP Server that it can not offer it's services on LAN.


    Your pfSense LAN IP is

    The network 'size' or mask is set to /32 - which means : 1 IP, the one already taken by pfSense itself.
    This means that no pool can exist for DHCP Server on that LAN network. It's smart enough to not offering you 'any services' : it has no IP(s) to propose to other LAN devices.

    Change /32 to /30, or even better, make that a /24 and DHCP Server will propose you it's services ☺

  • Thank you so much! I didnt mind that setting.
    You made my day :)

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