DHCP-Server process and DDCP-Relay process on different VLANs

  • Hello,
    I am just setting up my Netgate Router and I want to do the following:
    For a VLAN-Group (eg. VLAN 1,2,3,4) I want to use the DHCP-Server that is running on a seperate server (our pharmacy's central server, with WINS etc. on it. Runs in the LAN (so VLAN0)). For this I suppose I would need a DHCP-relay service. On other VLANs (e.g.10,11,12,13) I would need a DHCP-server running on pfsense.

    How can I activate both services for different VLANs?
    pfsense says, that I cannot activate relay if using DHCP-server and vice versa.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I don't believe you can.. Run the relay/helper for your vlans on your switch that is doing the vlans.

    If your switch(es) do not support that - get a better switch. Or just run host all your vlans off your other dhcpd and run relay for all vlans on pfsense.

    To use the DHCP Relay daemon, the DHCP Server must be disabled on all interfaces. The same restriction applies to DHCPv6 relay and the DHCPv6 Server.

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