pfsense default "admin" account Insufficient privileges to make the requested change (read only) after 2.4.5 update

  • unable to add/update/delete any users/groups from default "admin" account.
    furthermore unable to find any string stating "Deny Config Write" in config.xml

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you are looking in config.xml, it's user-config-readonly. You must have added it to a group and added admin to that group.

  • ok will check and try to remove the line.

  • yes correctly said, but with a twist:

    1. default admin was member of admin group.
    2. default admin was also a member of custom group which was "user-config-readonly". somehow after update this group overwrites the privileges of admin group.
    3. created backup of config file
    4. removed default admin user from custom group in config file.
    5. finally restored pfsense with the modified config.xml file.

    thanks for the advise.

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