Can't get passed network interface on LiveCD v1.2.2 installer on Dell 1650

  • I have about 20+ dell power edge 1550 and 1650 that all have duel Intel PIII 1.4ghz with ram ranging from 256 to 2GB. When I boot to the live cd it always hangs on the network interface conformation page. These are the 2 on-board Intel gigabit NICs that work fine in Suse, Fedora Core 5, debian, winblows etc..

    Why can't I get PFSense installer properly recognize these working interfaces?? Without proper detection you can't move forward with the install and I am hoping to avoid adding a nic as the 2 PCI slots are needed for other things. I need to build these out for our Kaseya and Change Gear clients to connect to our PFSense firewall starting this weekend  :-\



  • You should probably try pfSense 1.2.3 - see There is a link on the referenced page to a page from which you can download a number of snapshot builds.

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