Low throughput LAN <-> WAN, Router on a stick

  • Hi

    I've recently migrated from a standalone router to using PfSense on my Unraid box and have encountered a problem routing between my VLANs.
    The WAN interface is physical and connects directly to the internet.

    My LAN interface is one physical port divided into 3 VLANs.
    When I run iperf from a Server in DMZ to a server on the inside I get ~~20kbit throughput for a couple of seconds and afterwards it drops to 0 throughput.

    When I disable the firewall component of PfSense, I'm getting 1Gbit thoughput.

    I have disabled all hardware processing, as that caused very low throughput from LAN -> WAN.

    I have no QoS configured and allowed all communication from the DMZ server to Inside server temporarily.

    Does anyone have any idea's as to what could be causing this? Ressources on the Pfsense VM aren't maxed out.


    Unraid VM (KVM).
    4 vCPU's (Ryzen7 1700)
    8GB DDR4 RAM
    Intel NIC

    Thanks in advance

  • There are lots of variables to dig though, but the first thing I would do is dedicate two NIC's to your VM. In other words, make sure the LAN interface has a dedicated NIC that is patched to your switch and isn't being shared with other VM's.

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