Routing on Mobile IPSec Connections

  • I have three pfSense boxes connected to the first one thru IPSec tunnels :
    pfSense 1 : 122.164.19.x &
    pfSense 2 : 122.78.1.x &
    pfSense 3 : 117.21.10.x &

    Any client connected to pfSense 1 LAN can ping the networks behind the other two pfSense boxes.

    I also connect to my pfSense box from my laptops while on the move through a mobile IPSec connection, however when I do so, I can only access the subnets behind that particular box ( The other two subnets connected through IPSecTunnel (the 20 and 30 subnets) are inaccessible.

    What routing settings do I need to change for the remote IPSec clients to go to another IPSec tunnel directly ?

  • We have the same issue. Does anybody know how to solve this?

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