VPN Bridged with TAP is no longer working correctly...Help please.

  • I have two VPN's one at TAP one at TUN.

    The reason I have the TAP is for bridged network so my friend and I can play OLD LAN games.

    For some reason, all ofa sudden it's not working with the bridge. We go to go to the LAN of the game, and we can' tsee each other.

    He is getting an IP address from my DHCP server on my firewall, can ping me, my network etc.

    I set the bridge in "Bridges"

    But for some reason now 2 weeks later we can't see each other in any LAN type game now.

    What could have possiblly changed. I am using the latest version of PFsense of the DEVL update. Did they break something?

    His Normal Gateways on his router is the same as mine, so that hasn't changed (1.0/24)

    0 things have changed with the game, and 1 thing has changed with the firewall, just the normal DEVL updates. Nothing has changed on his end. So I don't know what is going on here.

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