Disable the wizard

  • On embedded pfSense 1.2.1 RC and 1.2.2 the wizard never seems to get past the "One moment while we start the initial setup wizard." There is a warning that embedded users have to wait longer; but 30 minutes and I still haven't gotten past it.

    I can use the URL for other pages (e.g. /system.php) to bypass it; but I can't ever go to the front page because it keeps trying to run the wizard.

    Is there a flag in the config.xml I can set to indicate that the wizard has run and should not be invoked? A search for the string 'wizard' did not find anything.


  • The embedded version is split into two paritions, one called pfSenseCfg, and in the folder "conf" there is a file called "trigger_initial_wizard" - deleting this file should make the wizard go away, as far as I know.

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