pfSense 2.4.5 WAN (VLAN > PPPoE DHCP)

  • Hi all,

    I have question related with WAN side VLAN, PPPoE configuration.

    initial configuration ;

    ONT ==> ISP supplied router ==> pfSense WAN (em0, dhcp)

    This was working at least for 5 years. Now I have a chance to get rid of from ISP provided router.

    New configuration ;

    ONT ==> pfSense WAN (VLAN em0.157 ==> PPPoE)

    I have PPPoE username and password and also VLAN ID is 157

    Normally this should work but it does not so I switched to OpenSense 20.1 with same VLAN and PPPoE informations and it is working until I reboot OpnSense. I need to re assign WAN to em0 then again WAN to VLAN em0_157 - PPPoE each time OpnSense rebooted to get IP from WAN.

    I am trying to find a solution via startup script that assigns WAN interface to em0 than VLAN em0_157 - PPPoE.

    Since both pfSense and OpnSense are using freebsd is this a generic freebsd issue? But why OpenSense can make PPPoE connection even it is not flawless but pfSense can not?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    Have healty days.

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