is there any way to change the order of WAN and LAN in the interface menu?

  • It's a small thing, but since my servers usually have one LAN and multiple WANs, I prefer to have my LAN listed first and then all the WANs following.

    However, it seems that pfsense defaults to putting the first WAN first, and then the LAN second, which results in a list like this, for me:


    I would prefer:


    Now, I thought this could be as simple as swapping the interface assignments, names (description), and the IPs, but then when I go into the pfsense console to set the IPs, I notice that the console specifically expects the second interface to be the LAN, and the first interface to be the WAN. Does this matter?

    I also noticed that it is possible to delete all interfaces except the first interface, which again tells me that pfsense is somehow hardcoded to expect the first and second interfaces to be WAN and LAN, respectively.

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    Just set them to sort alphabetically


    Mine look like this


    Or do you mean on the assignment page?


  • I guess that setting them to sort alphabetically accomplishes what I want.

    But while we are on the topic, why is WAN set to first on the "Assignment" page? And is it possible to change that?

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    Pretty sure because its the first interface setup.. As to changing that order, not sure.

  • Diagnostics > Backup & Restore and backup the Interfaces selection.


    Use your favorite xml editir (notepad++ will do just fine) and swap and order as you like.
    Save the file.

    Select "Interfaces" only, and import.

    To be sure : reboot - but I guess it isn't needed.

    Result :


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