Hardware for small site (outpost)

  • can anyone give me some good reason why not to choose the APU over the SG-1100 box


    br NP

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    Because it works just out of the Box without tinkering and you directly support Netgate/pfSense.


  • yes i forgot to mention in the post that this is not a valid argument in this request
    its like the killer argument therefore not usable. comparing the price and the specs
    is pretty interesting.

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    Your paying for stuff you don't need would be what I would look at.. Why do you think your branch firerwall needs a 128GB of storage? Or 4GB of ram or 2 extra cores?

    How much power does it draw? Looks like about double?

  • there are 2 reasons we try to figure out here

    1. the limited warrenty of the SG-1100 (1year)
    2. the specs they need in that outpost :)

    point taken on the output 6-12 Watt for the APU

    if we reduce the storage to lower from mSata to Sata and or lower 128GB we are exactly at the same price range

    one of our boxes ist pretty bored as you cas see

    and yeah mom's house network will get an Sg-1100 just because ;)

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    Well if your at the same price point.. And the specs are the same or better one way or the other, and you get a 2x warranty period.. Then yeah its hard to say why you would X vs Y in that scenario..

    This is with anything to be honest..

    But you want to throw out the best reason to buy netgate, which is support of the company providing you with the "software" that runs on said hardware..

    Even if hardware X gets you slightly better hardware (spec wise) and or even they say they have longer warranty.. When have you read anything that netgate won't make it right if something wrong with the hardware.. Look at their support of the C2XXX thing..

    To me it would have to be a pretty huge difference in price and or specs to get me to not buy netgate.. Just for the ability to help support the company, and to be honest piece of mind that sure the software will do exactly what its suppose to do.

    Yeah if your coming in with couple hundred quid difference its hard to compare.. But if spec wise is very close, and your only talk a few bucks - I would go netgate every time all the time.. If what I was going to do with the hardware is run pfsense.

  • i totally get you !

    to be honest it would be a shame if we dont by that SG-1100 i argue it s a support to keep this all alive and openSource at the board meeting

    the intersesting part is really the warranty here we have du guarantee 2Y of warranty to our customers so importing that from the US makes us providing 2Y warranty (if someone here decides to get out pitchin small business to run netgate hardware)

    my favorite argument is that the APU is a DIY sollution for something to protect your network.
    and i dont like it

    mom will get her SG-1100 with pfS2.5 runnin cuz then there is more coffee and cookies for mecuz not fixin network equipment :)

  • @noplan I have both types of device in use. While I like both I prefer the APU boards.
    Main reasons for me:

    • APUs cheaper for me to buy, I usually just put in a 16GB msata

    • Ability to use ZFS on msata, provides a bit more protection against sudden power loss

    • AES-NI support . Support for the crypto hardware on the SG-1100 is only at a beta stage with no guarantee that it will support eg. AES-GCM which I use in IKEv2 deployments

    • Support for full range of pfSense packages, not all available on ARM platform.

  • Or you can find a J3160 cpu barebone on aliexpress.com which usually costs around $200(with the shipping fee to US. Just an example) with 4 intel LAN and slightly better Passmark score. Or AMD RX-427BB 2nd hand on ebay.com like HP T730 or DFI DT122 with higher power consumption and more powerful cpu.

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