IPSEC / chelsio problem

  • Hi,

    i'm running an absolutely stable and well performing PFSense-Installation on a i7-620M with an intel Pro 1000/PT Quadport card.
    Currently i'm trying to move from this rather old construction (which actually drives the card with an MiniPCIe to PCIe-Adapter and consists of an old laptop mainboard) to a better suited platform.
    As new platform i've chosen an AMD GX-415GA based platform and a chelsio dual 10g sfp+ based network card.

    At first glance, everything works fine, but every IPSec-Tunnel cannot transmit packets over 66 bytes length.
    I can ping the remotes, but i cannot connect via HTTP. And ping with >66 bytes results in packet losses.

    Despite deactivating all hardware offload facilities, nothing changed.

    I just cant geht it running.
    I also tried the identical configuration with a supermicro quadcore xeon board, but nothing changed.
    Somehow it seems related to the chelsio network card, but i just can't find the reason.

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards!

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