Configure pfSense VM with Multi-Port NIC

  • Hey everyone,

    I am looking at reconfiguring my pfSense VM (KVM) for use with a multi-port NIC card and was wondering if anyone could give pros/cons about doing it this way.

    Some background of my current setup.....I have a CentOS 7 box running KVM/Open vSwitch. Currently have my pfSense VM setup with VLANs for MGMT/LAN/WLAN/WLAN-Guest. I have one NIC port connected directly to my modem using macvtap and the other is an OVS bridge, which also physically connects to my managed switch. However I was thinking of doing one physical port for LAN, one for WLAN, and one for MGMT. The guest wifi I would run as a VLAN on the WLAN interface.

    What do you think as far as changing to this setup? Would it be any better my current setup? Just curious about peoples opinions. Thanks!

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