Staic IP keeping .local domain mapping

  • Hello, I'm using DNS Resolver and I have the option "Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver" selected. When a new systems requires a DHCP ip and enters the network (lets assume user1 hostname) I can DNS to user1.local and user1.home (my local domain). The problem is that when I add a static mapping to a IP (and keep the user1 in DHCP), the ip is requested to the DHCP and the static ip is assign. My problem is that when I do this I lose the .local domain, I can only go to the device from the .home domain. I tried to add the "Domain Name" in the static to local, but it does not work.

    Can I do a static mapping and keep both domains? I have some devices that require the local domain to work.

    Thank You

  • Ok I found the solution on debian! I should edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf file! But can anyone explain to me why if the dhcp assigns a ip the .local domain keeps working, but if the ip is static in pfsense can't!?

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