Sharing WANs between 2 Pfsense Routers

  • We live in Venezuela, ISPs are terrible, so we have a couple of WANs per site as fail over (as at least one is always down). They are well balanced and working fine together.

    We have a new office (about 2 kms apart) and we have them successfully connected via Ubiquiti Powerbeam Antennas. This setup is working correctly, but at the moment we have the new office (lets call it Office B) getting its WAN from A (primary office).

    This means that from a LAN port of Office A, we have the Ubiquiti Antenna, which feeds the Office's B Pfsense Router through the WAN Port.

    Under this setup, everything is working properly.

    But now, we have a different complication: we're adding Satellite Internet on Office B (through the building's already installed provider). We have no problem adjusting this new service as a Multi-WAN for Office B, but we would like to use this new satellite service as a backup for office A.

    I can't seem to find a wan to share Office A's WAN to Office B and at the same time share back Office B's Wan, using only one pair of antennas. Meaning, share both router's WAN between each other.


    Is this even possible?



  • Hi,

    yes I think it's possible.

    Is it correct to assume that:

    • you have a dedicated interface/subnet for routing between the two pfsense via the Ubiquiti bridge.

    If so:

    • add the used subnets of Site A on the PFsense of Site B and use the IP of the Site-A's PFsense as a gateway (System->Routing->Static Routes).
    • add the Site-B's PFsense as an additional general gateway on Site-A's Pfsense (System->Routing->Gateways).
    • Configure a Gateway Group (/use your existing one) and add the Site-B's PFsense as the last WAN connection (last used Tier).

    If you only want to fallback to the sattelite link and not on the other WAN-connection on Site-B you need to add a Firewall rule, which takes all traffic from Site-As PFSense to the Sattelite GW (Firewall->Rules->$Interface_of_Ubiquiti there Add rule and define the Site-A Networks as source, add as advanced option the sattelite GW in the Gateway line)

    Hope it works :).

  • @Fehler21 said in Sharing WANs between 2 Pfsense Routers:

    you have a dedicated interface/subnet for routing between the two pfsense via the Ubiquiti bridge.

    Yes I Do.

    Thanks for the info, I will give it a shot and report back.


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