Lan network through the WAN interface

  • Hello everyone.

    Please help me with what I hope is a simple issue.
    I am currently working from home because of the Covid -19 fun!.
    I am working on a project with a work mate (who is also at home). What I want to do is have his PC and my PC on the same network. We are working on a project that uses a client/server setup. So he need to "download" information to my machine.

    This is a siemens SCADA system, and normally the server and client sit in the same room, on the same lan network, but obviously we are stuck :(.

    So very basically we need the machines to think they are on the same network.

    Please can you tell me how to go about this. I am also not a network guy so please type slowly so that I can understand ;)


  • Hi,

    if you need Layer2 connectivity you may want to implement this:

    Warning: this may break your current VPN-config!

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Recheck if your Siemens really need layer 2.
    With layer 3 you could run any default Site to Site VPN like OpenVPN in tun mode.


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